We are a small cattery of british cats registrated in FIFe.

We decided to breed british cats because of their calm character. Our cats are our sweethearts . They live in our house as members of our family so they can stay whereever they like and also enjoy the garden.

We only breed pedigree cats BRI ns2264 and BRI ny2264. All the cats are vaccinated regulary and tested for various kinds of illnesses. The cats are fed by high quality food. We have an individual attitude to each cat based on their needs. Let me give you a small example: X'Jacklee loves boiled turkey but Orianna loves raw beef! Serafina loves an action life, she wants to play every day, chasing mice and in the cats tower she hunts various treats. Izabella is a very lazy cat with an eternally angry expression. But she loves scratching her chin and chest, I love her expression she is so unique !!! You can see they are really a part of our family. Right now we cannot imagine living without them.

updated: 15.03.2019 09:50:23